Professional CNC Laser Cutting & Finishing

Need precision fabrications? Look no further than GeoCut! With CNC sheet metal cutting and powder coating, you can have beautiful precision parts at unbeatable speeds. We also offer high quality surface finishing on your parts, so they look just the way you want.

Who We Are

Not Just A Cut Above The Rest, But A Cut Perfected!

We have been engineering parts and serving customers since 2019 with CNC sheet metal cutting and all finishing techniques, including powder coating and basic surface finishing. Our team of experts is dedicated to precision and quality, ensuring maximum performance and perfect finish. We deliver on time, every time, so you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands. We take pride in providing an excellent customer service and helping you reach your goals!

Services That We Offer You


Powder coating gives your laser cut parts an exceptional, resilient finish and protective layer which provides protection from corrosion, oxidation, and damage resistance to ensure longevity. We specialize in large heavy industrial parts, carts, stands, etc.


Our laser can cut up to 3/4” steel, 3/8” aluminum & stainless, plus many other materials with outstanding accuracy. See the complete list by clicking on the Instant Quote button and upload your part.


We can blast different types of a metal with a variety of abrasives to ensure a clean finish ready for paint, powder, or plating.


We offer CNC bending of our laser cut parts. Our Press Brake can bend parts repeatedly with exceptional accuracy from start to finish.


Just because you need a part and don’t have a CAD file doesn’t mean you can’t order parts from us. We can draw your part from scratch or from a rough drawing with measurements. If all you have is a template or pattern you can also mail it to us and we can use it to draw your part quick, fast, and easy.

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Professional CNC Precision Cutting & Powder Coat Finishing

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