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Powder coating gives your laser cut parts an exceptional, resilient finish and protective layer which provides protection from corrosion, oxidation, and damage resistance to ensure longevity. We specialize in large heavy industrial parts, carts, stands, etc.


Our laser can cut up to 3/4” steel, 3/8” aluminum & stainless, plus many other materials with outstanding accuracy. See the complete list by clicking on the Instant Quote button and upload your part.


We can blast different types of a metal with a variety of abrasives to ensure a clean finish ready for paint, powder, or plating.


We offer CNC bending of our laser cut parts. Our Press Brake can bend parts repeatedly with exceptional accuracy from start to finish.


Just because you need a part and don’t have a CAD file doesn’t mean you can’t order parts from us. We can draw your part from scratch or from a rough drawing with measurements. If all you have is a template or pattern you can also mail it to us and we can use it to draw your part quick, fast, and easy.

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We have the state-of-the-art equipment and industry experience to tackle even your most challenging projects – from cnc cutting to sandblasting and powder coating. And we don’t shy away from any project – no matter how intricate or ambitious.

  • 6,400 Square Foot Facility

    Our 6,400 Square foot Facility offers premier working space designed to meet all your needs. Our expansive space provides an ideal atmosphere for increased productivity and collaboration. Come experience our advanced amenities and modern design.

  • 8’x8’x20’ Finishing Oven

    Achieving beautiful powder coating and finishing has never been easier with our 8’x8’x20’ oven. Featuring precise temperature settings and insulation for efficient heating without wasting energy, this oven is sure to get the best finish out of your projects.

  • 10’x14’x24’ Blasting Room

    We make sure blasting jobs are completed more accurately, efficiently, and safely with our 10’x14’x24’ sand blasting room. Our spacious and well-lit chamber allows us to accurately blast your projects perfectly.

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